INFOGRAPHIC: The Periodic Table of Vegan and Vegetarian Stars

Posted by: 20 Nov 2012

49 of some of the world’s most popular celebrities, singers, actors, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs share their reasons behind their meatless lifestyle.

These celebrities make a meatless lifestyle sexier one plate at a time. It doesn’t get sexier than this. From politicians, models, athletes to celebrities, here are 49 sexy, cool and meatless people and their reasons behind a meat-free lifestyle.

The Periodic Table of Vegan and Vegetarian Stars

Click on image to enlarge. It’s a PDF file

(might take a while to load depending on connection speed. It’s a pretty large but uber rad graphic!)

Infographic Design By: Graphic Content
Research By: Team Bold Vegan

*Note: Sir Paul McCartney is listed twice on this list under “animals” and “environment” – both causes of which he is equally passionate about


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