15 Apr 2014
make it for your the meat eaters in your life

Welcome to Tuesday all my sparkling darlings.

Before I wrote cookbooks and wellness books, and even before I opened restaurants, I was a personal chef. I had a client once who was a single mom of a 7-year old girl. It was the first time I cooked for them, and I was just wrapping up in the kitchen when they got home from work and school. Read more…

10 Apr 2014
get in my belly

Someone added us to the Twitter group Food Gangstas recently.

Being a Food Gangsta is a big shoe to fill. I am here today to live up to that name and give you something truly badass and well, gangsta.

Read more…

09 Apr 2014

This is an easy no fail vegan cornbread recipe. You LITERALLY can’t screw it up (who else thinks of Rob Lowe EVERY TIME you hear that word?).

This recipe is on the sweet side. If you don’t do sweet in your cornbread, take out the sugar, baby.  This goes with many things; chili, macaroni salad, soup or by itself with coffee or tea. Read more…

08 Apr 2014
Lentil Millet Burgers over Collard Greens with Miso Tahini Dressing

Welcome to Tuesday you sexy beasts.

Today I’m teaching you how to make this recipe for one reason.

Uno, un, mot, ekahi, moja, satu (and now you know how to say “one” in Spanish, French, Hawaiian and Swahili AND Bahasa Malaysia. Bet you didn’t wake up this morning thinking you were going to learn some Swahili, did ya’? I’m like that. I like to surprise you). Read more…

01 Apr 2014

This is fast food at its best.

Make the spice mix in advance and throw it in your bag, along with an avocado and you’ll be ready for anything. The days of it being cool to whip food out of your purse and start munching are coming back, I can feel it. Read more…

25 Mar 2014
Carrot Ginger Soup

Last week I talked about how Asian people love “Soup with Things”. This week I’m going in a different direction and pulling a super white person move by giving you the ultimate blended soup recipe (white people love blended soup. It’s just a fact). Read more…

18 Mar 2014
11 Mar 2014
bold vegan granola_recipe

Has anyone else ever wondered what it would be like to lead a completely different life than the one you do?

For example:

There is this little tiny part of me that wants to be a hippie. Read more…

23 Feb 2014
cashew cauliflower cream

There are two types of blonde people: those who get tanned and those who don’t.

(there are also the people who are not blonde or tanned but they try their luck at it anyway. To those people I ask, do you color your pubic hair for consistency? <——- not being sarcastic). Read more…

15 Feb 2014
vegan deviled eggs

I need your help.

I was going to call this recipe Bad Ass Deviled Eggs – Super Duper Vegan Style but I thought I would nip all of the hate in the bud and not call it that. Read more…