28 Oct 2014

Do you know anyone who has had the same style for so long that it actually became cool again?

I’ve known a-plenty and I’m probably one of them in the making.

In fact, I had much love for the Fanny Pack loooong after everyone ditched theirs for something more complicated than strapping your shit around your waist and walking out the door.

It’s so easy, what’s not to love about the FP? Read more…

21 Oct 2014

You know those people who show up in your life at precisely the right moment?

Their entrance has the timing of anything Amy Poehler writes and the world is way less sucky because of them. They pop in gracefully like it’s all part of a pre-designed plan.

When people like this come into my life I take it as a sign that I’m on the right track. And then I remember that of course I’m on track because it’s the only one I’m on. Read more…

14 Oct 2014

Growing up, I hated school and I was a terrible student.

I never studied in high school so I would cheat to pass my tests. It’s a wonder I even graduated.

I bullshitted my way through the first two years of college, scraping by with a D in most classes. Making out with my girlfriend trumped ANY class, even on test days. Read more…

03 Oct 2014
tofu salad_no_oil_stacked

Grab your poodle skirt, your 4 cent stamp, your favorite 45 RPM record and your marshmallow fluff. We’re bouncing over to the 1950’s to meet a man named Ancel Keys.

Keys was an American scientist who had a theory that heart disease was the product of too much saturated fat in the diet. His theory came about after observing the dramatically lower rates of heart disease in Italy and Spain compared to the United States. Read more…

30 Sep 2014

I was born in 1980 and by the time 1994 rolled around, I was awkward, angry, defensive and horrified that I wasn’t one of the “pretty” girls.

I was up close and personal with puberty and the shit was ugly.

I really had nothing to complain about though. I had (and still have) amazing parents (who are still together and happy after 39 years), Read more…

23 Sep 2014
Thai Red Coconut Curry

Last week I got all Berkeley on you and talked about the obvious bad for you foods.

Today I want to take it a step further and talk to you about something that could potentially come off as even more Berkeley-esque.

The foods that are obviously better for you than soda and lunch meats but aren’t as stellar as perhaps they’re made out to be. Read more…

16 Sep 2014
Black Bean Brownies_scene

I opened a vegan restaurant in Berkeley, California in 2010.

My two most important lessons were:

1) To never, under any circumstances open another restaurant again. It is a life-sucking, soul-breaking endeavor that should be avoided at all possible costs. Read more…

09 Sep 2014
03 Sep 2014
25 Aug 2014

When I was very first going into puberty the thought of shaving my legs, getting boobs and wearing deodorant was enough to make me jump up and down and squeal with prepubescent delight.

One time on a school trip we went to Bisbee, AZ and stayed at a homemade hippie house for 5 days. Read more…