22 Jul 2014

In a perfect world we would all be like Jennifer Aniston, glowing like there’s a human sized soft-glow light bulb inside of us, always turned on.

Do you agree with me that she probably eats one chocolate chip for dessert and calls it a night?

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15 Jul 2014
Get in my mouth!

When I was 14 I begged my mom to take me to the health department so I could apply for a work permit.

My plan was to get my driver’s license when I was 15 after a summer of driver’s ed. There was no point in having a driver’s license if I didn’t have wheels, and there were no wheels without cash, and there was no cash without a job, and at 14 it was illegal to have a job, unless of course, you had a work permit. Read more…

08 Jul 2014
And the healthiest to boot!


A “Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet” is a term coined by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Dr. Campbell has written numerous New York Times best selling books, including The China Study and Whole – Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, and has been at the forefront of nutrition research since the 1970’s. (Before my ass was even a concept.) Read more…

01 Jul 2014

The 4th of July kicked major ass for me as a kid.

There was the parade, the ice cream social, the fireworks – it was all very exciting.

Of course, I come from an itty bitty town of 10,273 people, so the festivities were on the smaller scale of things. Luckily, I had no idea since it was the only 4th of July festivities I had ever experienced, the internet wasn’t a thing yet, and my family had no T.V. Read more…

24 Jun 2014
Miso Soup with Burdock, Daikon and Mushrooms

I have never eaten meat in my entire life. My mom and dad raised me vegetarian and it stuck.

I always thought of meat the same way I think about cocaine or acid, if I’ve gone this long without, I’m probably good.

Over three decades without meat, and over half of a decade without dairy has been awesome.

The comments and questions below have made it even more awesome.

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17 Jun 2014

It breaks my heart that so many people are in a funk and don’t know what to do about it.

I’m bummed by the number of people who are just getting by, when life is meant to be made passionate love to.

I’m disappointed by how little power people think they have over their health and wellbeing.

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10 Jun 2014

I have some super dirty laundry that’s begging to get aired out. 

This is one week of backpacking in Moab laundry. The stank is pretty ripe.

I want to share an interaction I had with one of my (ex) readers after he received my email last Saturday.

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02 Jun 2014
Where have you been my whole life?

I hung up the phone last week and had to smile.

Congestive heart failure was the news that prompted my telephone to ring at 5:30am on December 6th of last year.

My mom’s voice sounded shaky and drained, like she was just one wrong look away from her poker face shattering and her fear announcing itself, making a visible appearance.

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31 May 2014

Back in the day, vegan food was considered weird hippie shit that was similar to rabbit food.

Eating vegetarian was a little less taboo, but still in the “not cool” category by society as a whole. Things started to shift a few years ago with vegan celebs popping up like pimples the day before prom. Today, veganism is accepted as a “cool” way to eat.

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27 May 2014
Ginger Mushroom Gravy_top_shot

The white plastic chair is dusty from living outside in the desert.

The homemade sandbag that holds my reflector stand is fluorescent orange, so bright that it almost hurts to look at it.

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