Plant-based guru with a twist of filth on the side.

I will help you feel better by teaching you exactly what to eat, so you can stop getting by and start making love to your life.

I serve it up in a direct, loving, and no-bullshit way.

Random facts: I was raised in a teepee, I have never eaten meat in my life, and I will never judge you for what you eat.

I send out spankin’ new recipes every Saturday morning designed to make you feel your best. To join the Saturday fun, sign up here.

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Luanne Teoh

I believe that the functionality of a website sits within the design itself; by making your user experience with us easy. I’m the nerd component of this team helping our website achieve that.

Inspired by food, travel, technology (and funny people).

 Connect with me: support@boldvegan.com

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are easy”

Dr. Seuss