I am a clean food guru. I make people feel better by teaching them exactly what to eat so they can stop guessing.

I send out spankin’ new recipes every Saturday morning designed to make you feel your best. To join the Saturday fun, sign up here.

“Molly, your ears must be ringing all the time because I talk about you all the time.  I’m always telling people what you have done for me. People have noticed a huge positive change in me. I will continue to live my life with gratitude for what you have given me”

Sylvia P.

Chief Creator

 Connect with me: molly@boldvegan.com


Luanne Teoh

I am a computer geek. I make your experience with us easy and pretty by creating and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing website and products.

Inspired by food, travel, technology (and people who can laugh at themselves).

Chief Designer

 Connect with me: luanne@boldvegan.com

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are easy”

Dr. Seuss